Pencilmation Snapshots
Hello there,
I'm Pencilmate.

You may not recognize me without my hair on fire, but I've been traveling the airwaves of viral videos before the dawn of YouTube.

My Creator, Ross, and I never imagined that one day we’d have a full cast of characters, dozens of teammates, hundreds of episodes, millions of subscribers, or billions of views - but here we are.

Fame and fortune may change some people, but I still show up every week to entertain my loyal fans. Our amazing staff work tirelessly to bring you endless antics starring ME, whether that’s turning me into a crab or dressing me like a ninja to fight a meat monster.

In our opinion, having fun is no laughing matter. It's all that matters. And it’s our pleasure to deliver high quality animations made with care to you.

Pencilmation Around the World
Global Studio,
Global Audience,
Total Independence

Pencilmation is made by people all over the world, for people all over the world. There's not a soul young or old that doesn't benefit from a chuckle, and our team, style, and global distribution make sure our laughs are delivered far and wide.

Here at Pencilmation we give our creatives the room to dream, free from the shackles of corporate overlord-ry. If we want to do it, we simply draw it.

Pencilmation Stats
9.5 Billion Views
18.5 Million Subscribers
  • 500+ Episodes
  • 3 Minutes per Episode
  • Slapstick Comedy
  • (Non-Verbal)
DiamondCreator Award
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